What to know before buying a waterfront property



Everyone has fantasized about owing a little slice of land by the water. While living next to an ocean or lake is appealing, buying a waterfront property comes with complications that other land types do not have.

Waterfront property is one of the most appealing properties in Real Estate. Here are some things you need to know or do before buying a waterfront property;

1) You need to carefully inspect the property:
While the water maybe pretty, you need to make sure the property is up to standard, do a survey on the land, check the elevation certification, water quality test, wetland delineations, do a bulkhead
of inspections and other land and water based inspections to ensure that the waterfront property is in good condition.

2) Make sure the property is legally permitted to the real estate company:
Ensure the land was permitted by the Government for living, you can do so by picking the coordinate and taking it to the ministry in charge of land use and check if the property has been approved.

3) The cost of Insurance:
When buying a waterfront property, it is important to keep in mind that there will be unique costs associated with the property. Waterfront properties need flood insurance because they are prone to flood. Research the insurance option needed for the property like wind insurance, general hazard property.

4) How much maintenance will you need to do on the property:
Waterfront homes are naturally more exposed to the elements that can hasten wear and tear such as humidity, wind. Maintaining a waterfront home includes using air conditioners and dehumidifiers to control humidity, reinforcing doors and windows, and others. Consider the costs of these measures before buying a property.

5) You should look into utilities of the property like sewage, water and electrical services.

6) You should make sure the property is built to withstand the waterfront, the property must be built extra tough, especially those exposed to salt water. Salt water can wear down the property so can opt for stainless steel for grill, gates, nail on the sliding e.t.c. Any other features that help to protect our home from weather like storm shutters or a taller foundation can be a good investment as

7) Research the shoreline history:
Research the shorelines to check if climate or environmental change impacting on the rising of the sea level.

If you want to make your dream of owning a waterfront home a reality, you need to work with a Real Estate company who has the right experience and know-how of unique properties of such kind. You can visit www.landshop.ng, call on +23418880063 or chat with on WhatsApp on 08188866772 to talk to an agent. Get in touch today.

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