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October 2, 2021

Identifying the Best Real Estate Company in Lagos

Choosing a real estate company in Lagos is easy and complicated. One of the unwritten rules of Lagos is \\\”you can\\\’t live in Lagos and be dull.\\\” Hence, an easy task requires you to be exceedingly sharp. Everyone in this great city is pushing to make ends meet, and few would do anything to reach …

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Choosing a real estate company in Lagos is easy and complicated. One of the unwritten rules of Lagos is \\\”you can\\\’t live in Lagos and be dull.\\\” Hence, an easy task requires you to be exceedingly sharp.

Everyone in this great city is pushing to make ends meet, and few would do anything to reach their goals. I will tell you this, in every business activity in Lagos, there is a high risk of getting tricked and losing money.

It is impressive that you have decided to dive into the real estate world or get properties for personal use or your business. Real estate is the new oil in town, and as such, you would expect some unscrupulous elements to take advantage of this industry in making dishonest gains.

This comprehensive guide will provide details on how to select the best real estate company in Lagos. We will also introduce you to Landshop and why you should work with the company for your real estate properties.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting A Real Estate Company in Lagos


If you are looking to get a property in Lagos, please Shine Your Eyes! Below are some of the things to consider before paying for a property;

Corporate Affairs Commission registration

One of the first things to check out when selecting a real estate company is the company\\\’s legality. Every legal business in Nigeria should register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A company that is running a legal business in Lagos will have registered its business already. If a company is not registered, then you have no business dealing with such a company.

So how do you check if a company is registered? The easiest way to know is to ask for their registration number. If they begin the answer with stories of why they haven\\\’t done the needful, please take to your heels.

If they provide the registration number, don\\\’t just assume it means they are legit. You need to run a background check. How? Head to the Corporate Affairs Commission website and search their record by searching for the company\\\’s name. The page will give you details like their CAC number, office address, contact information, etc. Compare the details with the CAC number provided by the company to verify authenticity.

Take-home point: A real estate company in Lagos that is not registered has something to hide. Never interact with the company.

Real estate license

Whether you are a fashion designer, photographer, builder, or real estate agent, you are not fit to work if you do not have a license. Any real estate company in Lagos should have the official license to sell and buy real estate properties.

In Nigeria, professional bodies or organizations regulate the activities of realtors. They issue licenses that enable companies to sell and buy real estate properties. These professional bodies are the easy point of contact if a company fails to live up to standards with their customers.

There is legislation in Lagos that requires every real estate company to get their operation license. Irrespective of how perfectly a real estate company cooks excuses for not having a professional license or permit, those excuses are invalid. Failure to have their operation permit means they are not fit, recognized, or legally allowed to sell real estate properties.

When you walk into their office, ask about their operation license. At least they should have a license from the Lagos State Real Estate Transaction Department (LASRETRAD).

Take-home point: A company without a real estate license is not fit to sell or buy real estate properties.

Branding and Office Setup – Real Estate Company in Lagos

With the numerous technology tools available, every real estate company must have an active website. These days, it\\\’s easier to meet people on the internet than in the real world. Many Lagosians are too busy to walk into your office (another factor we will soon talk about) for inquiries about your business and activities. The easiest way is to explore the company\\\’s website from home and reach a decision. Creating a website and setting it up is easy.

For a company to decide against having a website or being visible on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., shows they have something to conceal. A real estate company website should provide a visitor with their contact details, office address, and the company\\\’s team details. Such information will convince you that they have nothing to hide.

After checking their website and finding them fitting for your plans, you should visit their office to initiate business with the company. Visiting their office will help you know if they are running legally in Lagos. A real estate company should have a good-looking office. How do you convince someone that they will get the best if your office is in poor condition?

Remember, offices can be easily set up and dismantled if they are not legal. Such companies won\\\’t pay attention to setting up their offices. So, before you invest with a company, ensure they have a verifiable office in an unquestionable environment.

Take-home point: ensure the company you are working with has a website, contact detail, and office space that is accessible.

Land/Property verification

Here is a warning you should take seriously, never pay for a property before seeing the property. Even if the company says they have the picture, insist on visiting the land or property. But is it just enough to follow them to bare lands or random properties and assume it is theirs?

No! Even if you are convinced or feel they are transparent enough, do not pay immediately., otherwise, good luck to you. Endeavor to visit a designated land registry in Lagos. Visit in one will assure you that you are making the right decision. One of such registries is in Alausa, Lagos. You may conclude that such a step is stressful. We agree! Is there an alternative? Yes! You can hire lawyers to help you verify if the property you are getting is genuine.

A legit real estate company should not be scared to interact with your lawyer or provide the required details. Inform the company that you are getting a lawyer. If the company is reluctant to continue working with you, please don\\\’t think twice about avoiding such a company.

Take-home point: verify that the property you are buying exists and work with a lawyer if possible.

Agreement for the properties of real estate company in Lagos

If you decide to work with a lawyer, then you have significantly reduced your troubles. Irrespective, do not pay for a property or sell a property without going through the agreement document from the company.

Many have the habit of clicking \\\”Agree\\\” to terms and conditions without understanding the content. For a real estate agent, expect the document to be bulky and detailed. It should address all information you need about the property you are buying or looking to buy.

So, sit back and relax. Don\\\’t be in a hurry. Read and ask questions about their agreement. Confirm every detail with your lawyer before you proceed. If you cut corners, you might see the company a year after getting the property disturbing you for a  fee, and when you dispute it, they point you towards it in the agreement. At that point, there\\\’s nothing you can do to resolve the issue aside from paying what they require.

A legit real estate company should not pressure you to sign without reading. They should advise you to go through the details before making payments.

Take-home point: Never sign a company\\\’s terms without reading and understanding the details.

Payment details and confirmation

If you agree to the real estate company\\\’s terms and conditions, you can initiate payment for the property. But exercise some caution at this point. You are in Lagos. Any agent can pull a fast one on you.

A registered real estate company in Lagos will not ask you to pay into personal accounts. They will not also initiate communication about payment with unofficial numbers. The company should have an official means of communication and distinct account detail. If you are getting a property from ABC Realtor, you should not pay into Mr. EFG\\\’s account. The account name should carry ABC Realtor. I hope you get the picture I am painting?

If their agents give you a personal account or contact you about payment with their number, then you run the risk of being duped or scammed.

Take-home point: Never pay into a personal account. Ensure you get your receipt carrying the company\\\’s name and details before leaving their office.

Why is Landshop the best real estate company in Lagos?

There are several reasons why we pride ourselves as the best option for anyone seeking to buy properties with ease.

  • Transparency: we are transparent in our business dealings. Our customers\\\’ satisfaction is our priority. We help you through the buying process.
  • Affordability: we know that getting properties in Lagos can be expensive, but we can help you become a property owner for N1500. Isn\\\’t that surprising? Find out more details here.
  • Experience: we are not new in the real estate world. Our team has experts who will help you get your desired property with ease.
  • Accessibility: yes, we are very accessible. You can reach us on our WhatsApp number or our social media platform.


Choosing to buy a property in Lagos is a great decision. But look beyond the enticing adverts to get properties in Lagos. Your priority should include working with the best real estate company in Lagos.

We have provided details on how to select the best company and how these factors include your decision. At Landshop, we are ready to attend to you and help you get your property with ease. Do you want to work with the best real estate company in Lagos? Contact us today!

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