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August 19, 2022

Real Estate Investment: The Role & Importance Of Real Estate Developers In Lagos

Do you live in Lagos and have a real estate development project but lack the ability and time to manage it? Many will advise that you consult one of the reputable real estate developers in Lagos.

Do you live in Lagos and have a real estate development project but lack the ability and time to manage it? Many will advise that you consult one of the reputable real estate developers in Lagos.

However, you might have wondered: “What is the role of real estate developers? Is it financially wise to consult these professionals, and if you must hire, what factors must you consider before hiring?” Well, this article offers satisfying answers to these questions to facilitate an informed decision!

The Role & Importance Of Real Estate Developers In Lagos

Real estate developers are individuals or companies who purchase properties and make arrangements to construct commercial or residential buildings and sell them again. In the field of reality, real estate developers play a critical role. Whether commercial, residential, retail, or other real estate fields, real estate developers bridge the gap between investors’ ability and buildings’ ability. They are keen on meeting the realty market demands and international standards.

Choosing real estate developers in Lagos as an investment partner is an excellent step. Investors need them to obtain an optimum result and ensure the safety of their investment. Undoubtedly, a real estate developer remains an essential part of every successful real estate investment.

Developers have a perfect understanding of the real estate market, the outcome of a project, and the purpose of the development after completion. They are responsible for the coordination of several activities of the development process. Their tasks involve the transformation of creative ideas from paper to reality on the ground.

Understanding Property Development

Real estate development is a profitable investment or business involving the renovation of existing buildings, the complete or partial repair of neglected or old properties, the establishment of innovative projects, the purchase of vacant land, and the subsequent marketing and sale. Real estate developers look at all the details of a project before starting. They remark on certain things that might escape the notice of a contractor or investor.

Real estate developers aren’t real estate consultants or contractors. They offer the best idea for projects via detailed feasibility studies, select the best contractors and consultants, funding sources, and the right marketing plan and sales strategy.

The title “real estate developer” is only meant for individuals who offer integrated services in the real estate field.  In addition, it is also for those who provide the value needed to quickly build a project while steering clear of mistakes and offering excellent management and marketing of the property, and retaining its value!

Vital Steps For A Successful Real Estate Development

Real estate developers’ tasks start from the moment of establishing ideas for the project implementation. And this stage is the most vital stage of the real estate development stages. Idea creation usually stems from the developer’s vision and his extensive understanding of the real estate market. They undertake the preparation of preliminary financial studies to verify the feasibility of the project.

After these, developers move to the formation of the idea, location of the site and then execute the work of financial studies and initial designs. They will then prepare financial feasibility, market studies, and perfect plans for the project.

After formation and ensuring that the design is perfect, they move to the construction phase. Developers also start negotiating construction contracts and verifying contractors that are best for the job. At the final stage, they sign the contract for the project, from building to financing, marketing, and many more.

During the construction phase, real estate developers do the work of the manager. During these stages, developers follow the problems and changes that occur on the project and solve them.

The final phase comes with project opening, the media campaign, contracting the property to project management firms, marketing, and ensuring that the project is ready for use. After that, the real estate developer manages the newly constructed property, follows up its operation, and maintains its value.

All these steps contribute significantly to the success of the project and ensure the maximum possible profit. Are you willing to use the services of one of the best real estate developers in Lagos? Explore a few key things to note below.

What To Consider Before Hiring Real Estate Developers

It is vital to understand some fundamental things before contracting with real estate developers for a project. Understanding these fundamentals allows you to ascertain the level of their ability and experience, helps you be sure that your new project is in the best hands, and facilitates mutual trust between investors and developers.

Learn More About Real Estate Developers’ Experience & History

Be free to ask questions that will lead you to identify the developer’s background. Do not simply settle with the information present on the website or what you find in their ID. Your questions will be the best tools to learn about their previous projects, which will speak about the successes or failures in their field.


Time of completion is another essential factor to consider. You should be aware of the duration of the delivery of the project.

Cost Study

Questions regarding the cost are vital to ask. Asking cost-related questions lets you know if capital will be sufficient to cover the costs of the project. Remember, it is not ideal to depend on the proceeds of project sales to develop and complete it.

. Knowledge Of Contingency Preparedness And Alternative Plans

Such knowledge is needed should the project face an unprecedented problem during construction. This allows you to determine the real estate developer’s sustainability during a crisis.

Do not hesitate to know the engineering consultant required to supervise the project and the contractor that will work on the project. Make inquiries from the developer concerning plans to ensure the success of the project.

Final Thoughts

Hiring real estate developers in Lagos to manage your project is a worthy investment! If you cannot monitor the project or do not have the needed skills and capacity to handle the project, it’s best to consult real estate developers. They are always on standby to make the process smooth with their comprehensive services and ensure the success of your project.