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August 22, 2022

Getting Clients As A Real Estate Developer In Lekki

Your success as a real estate developer in Lekki hinges on getting clients that need your services. Aspiring developers often think that getting quality clients is tasking. Such an opinion is far from the truth. Expert’s experience has shown that acquiring top clients requires the adoption of proven real estate techniques.

Your success as a real estate developer in Lekki hinges on getting clients that need your services. Aspiring developers often think that getting quality clients is tasking. Such an opinion is far from the truth. Expert’s experience has shown that acquiring top clients requires the adoption of proven real estate techniques.

The good news is, many are getting the desired result, and you can too. Hence, we will discuss ways to get quality clients as a real estate developer in Lekki. Expert real estate developers in Nigeria have used these methods, and the result has been exciting.

Ways To Get Quality Clients As A Real Estate Developer in Lekki

Real estate developers in Lekki have recorded success in their activities. Let us explore five ways you can get more clients as a developer.

Build a formidable online presence

When searching for answers to any question, where do you turn first? In our modern age, many turn to the “Internet.” Hence, it is not surprising that property buyers also turn to the internet to find properties that satisfy their needs. The National Association of Realtors says that 9 out of 10 home buyers turn to the internet to find properties. So how can you position your brand as a developer to get more clients? The key is to design a user-friendly website. Your real estate website is like a car. There are several things needed to make the car function well. In like manner, your website needs content that points readers to the services you render.

A real estate website should feature your listings. The landing page should feature quality pictures or videos that inform your prospect of the services you have to offer. Additionally, you can include articles that can help your potential client see your brand’s values and what they stand to benefit by working with you. Furthermore, you should create an About Us page that talks about your organization and your board members.

Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help make your website visible on the internet. SEO articles top Google and other search engines results. So, when a potential client hits the internet to search for properties, your website will be there proclaiming your services on the first page.

Social media remains invaluable.

Lagosians spend hours on top social media platforms. They are there to follow trending news, interact with others, and engage in business activities. The good news is that your potential clients, both young and old are on these platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc., are some of the top options for developers who want to meet the right clients. It is impressive that these platforms allow you to advertise your brand at affordable prices. You can select your target audience, location, age, and gender when preparing your ads.

Another benefit of popular social media platforms is that you can speak directly with a prospect and help them appreciate your services more. So, create a social media account for your brand and regularly update available properties in Lekki. Remember that it might take some time to become visible on social media platforms. When you eventually gain the attention you desire, you’ll get properties to your clients effortlessly.

Organize local events

Another secret to getting the best client as a real estate developer in Lekki is to organize events that leave a positive impression. Many developers have benefitted from organizing Open House for their properties. Such events present an opportunity to sell the property you are using for the best price and inform attendees of the other properties you want to sell.

You can also organize sporting events, seminars, music festivals, or other events that help present your brand to those in attendance. You may give those in attendance customized articles like Clothes, Bands, Calendars, Bags, etc. Such incentives will help publicize your brand and open you to more clients.

As a developer, your events should be close to the location of your property. Holding events close to your property will help you showcase the property to clients and help them see the quality it carries.

Combine Real estate software with Email marketing

You can find real estate software for your mobile device and system. With such software, you can identify prospects and interact with them. These lead generation tools enable you to get clients who will invest in your real estate business. Aside from getting the clients you desire, you can complete the entire transaction, connect it with your social media accounts and send automated emails to clients.

Such tools help you stay organized and enhance communication with your customers. Using a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) system will enable you to maintain a healthy connection with your clients. Search for free CRM tools for real estate on Google to get quality tools that can help you get better clients.

You should forward emails to your clients regularly. Your email should motivate your prospective client to invest in your real estate company. Including a Call To Action (CTA) in your email will help them take the desired action. Remember, consistency in communication is vital. As such, you should send your email to subscribers weekly to continually remind them of the top-notch services you deliver. With real estate software, gaining access to clients that are interested in real estate investment is seamless.

Speak with everyone

Speaking directly with clients is the oldest form of searching for clients as a developer. You come in contact with several people each day. Talking with your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and people in your community can help you discover hidden clients.

While telling them the properties you have for sale as a real estate developer in Lekki, endeavor to plead with them to help you speak with others. Referrals play an active role in your success. You can include incentives for each person that brings a paying client. Yes, this method is the oldest, but it still works-wonder if you need more clients.


As a developer, getting the right client will help you record more success in the industry. Unsurprisingly, real estate developers in Lekki have used the methods highlighted in this article to discover clients, and you can follow, too. One thing you must improve to enhance your success is your communication. If you would love to speak with experts in the real estate industry to access more information, contact us today!