How Top Real Estate Company in Lagos Generate Leads 

Lead generation is high on the to-do list of all top real estate companies in Lagos. Generating leads is easier said than done. No wonder many companies fail to reach their full potential in the market. 
The key to having more sales is lead generation. During the planning stage for your company, you must have thought of the marketing aspect of the business. But many often overlook the internet as a marketing option. 
Hence, we will explore ways to generate leads using tools that run around the internet. You will come to see ways to generate leads using the internet. 

How the internet affects activities of top real estate companies in Lagos 

Every form of marketing comes at a financial cost. Designing flyers and billboards will cost you some money. Using brand ambassadors for publicity of your company is expensive. On the flip side, the internet costs less than other marketing methods. With the right strategies, you can get better results than when you use other expensive methods. 
What makes the internet special? You have a higher chance of meeting more people in the comfort of their devices. You can also have a target audience to make your marketing efforts more successful. So, what are the available options? Let\’s find out! 

Three ways to generate leads from the internet 

Generating leads via the internet is not rocket science. Let\’s talk about three ways of generating leads and how to make the process seamless. 

A company\’s website is one key to success for many top real estate companies in Lagos. Having a professional website for your business makes it easier for you to build your brand. Marketing is all about branding. The best in the branding game wins customers over. 
When you have a professional website, it\’s easier to acquire new customers. Customers can check your website and see what services you offer and how you can benefit them. If you want to be more convincing, you can include testimonials from past clients on your website. Such testimonials help you interact with old customers. It also helps build your relationship with new customers.
With a website, you have a higher chance of visually convincing your customers. A recent Content Preferences Study shows that  62% of respondents conduct visual content research before buying any product or choosing a service. You can take a picture of properties in your company\’s care or other real estate properties you want to offer. Seeing such visual content helps prospective buyers to make better decisions. 
There are free tools to design a website online. With WordPress, you can build a professional website from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can seek the help of professional web designers to help you enhance your website and make it user-friendly. You need to work on your landing page. Make sure it clearly states what the company stands for, the mission, and the vision. It should feature the services you offer and exciting packages and promotions that the company provides. Include the company logo and ensure you expertly convince a visitor to explore your website. 

A website for your real estate company is useless when it does not offer the right content for your visitors. You may wonder, how do I get visitors to my website? A recent survey report by Hubspot shows that roughly 5.6 billion searches occur on the internet every day. 
Google is just one of the numerous search engines available on the internet. When we combine results from other search engines, we can expect this figure to rise significantly. What does this show? The figure is clear evidence that millions of people worldwide seek answers to their questions on the internet. 
Many individuals seek answers to their questions about the real estate business on the internet. When they do, they visit websites that provide succinct information about their questions. As such, you can generate hundreds of leads every day by putting out the right content. 
Investing in SEO makes your real estate website more visible on the internet. When you invest in SEO, you increase your chances of reaching your target audience, rather than random readers and researchers on the internet. With SEO, you can effortlessly get local traffic(leads), which will help you effortlessly convert them to your customers. 
If you invest in SEO, you will have a higher click-through rate. The result is higher engagement with clients on your posts and with your brand. So, when creating posts for your website, narrow the content down to what your readers can understand. Don\’t just write posts for the fun of writing. Make sure it carries the quality your readers seek. Let the post be relevant and search engine optimized. As such, lead generation from your post becomes seamless. 

  1. Explore Social Media Marketing 

You are not new to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Pinterest. But do you know they are excellent options for generating more leads for your real estate company?
Let\’s consider the figures to see why they are excellent options. Facebook, for example, has more than 2.7 Billion monthly average users. YouTube has 2 Billion monthly average users, while Instagram has 1.16 billion monthly average users. These are a few of the available social media platforms. 
Having social media presence makes it easier for you to publicize your brand and generate more leads. If you are using Facebook, you can create short videos. You can talk about your real estate company and the services you offer. You can reach your target audience by running ads on the video. You can select the gender, age, occupation, location, amongst others. 
As such, your content will reach desired individuals who are ready to invest or buy real estate properties. You can organize activities on social media and provide freebies for users that participate in such activities. Within a short period, everyone will know about your brand and the services you offer. 


With the help of the internet, top real estate companies in Lagos are generating more leads every day. This article has shed more light on how the internet can help you actualize your marketing dreams and goals. Do you need more help in marketing your real estate company in Lagos? Speak with Landshop today! 

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