Five Ways to Buy Affordable Land in Nigeria

Gone are the days when only the rich thought about investing in real estate. As the industry keeps growing, investment opportunities become many. To help you actualize your dreams, let\’s explore affordable ways to own real estate investments in Nigeria.

Growing a Property: Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

Affordable ways to own real estate

Thankfully, you can affordably invest in the real estate industry using the following methods;

Grow Property

Growing a property is the most affordable way to invest in real estate. Thanks to Landshop, you can \”Grow Land\” for as low as N1500/SQM. You can accumulate as many square meters as you can afford. You can then keep them for future use or rent them out for income. Another option is to \”Grow House\” without breaking the bank. You can buy slots in an apartment and earn interest either through rent or from the sale of the property.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Another affordable way to own real estate property is crowdfunding. Rather than shouldering the entire cost of acquiring a property, you can invest as low as N200,000 with other groups of investors. You can own rental properties or develop properties for sales. The amount invested by each investor varies, so is their earnings. Irrespective of how much you invest, you can always expect maximum returns on your investment.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

Another affordable way to own real estate properties in Nigeria is to invest with REITs. Experts in the real estate industry see REITs as an investment option that delivers dividend-based income and competitive market performance. It is transparent, supports portfolio diversification, and is unaffected by inflation. When you invest with REITs, you do not own, manage or finance the property. You only invest with the REITs and earn dividends on your investment. The entire responsibility of managing the property lies with the REITs.

House Hacking

If you already own a property like a Duplex, you can effortlessly begin your journey in the real estate industry. Through hacking, you can generate income from an existing property. You can rent a part of the property out while you live in the other part of the property. You can use the income to increase your investment in the real estate industry. House hacking helps you generate funds from your existing investment.

Online real estate investment

Real estate companies like Landshop offer you the opportunity to invest in real estate without getting your hands dirty. You can invest in commercial or residential properties. Their method is related to investing with REITs as they combine your money with funds from other investors. Your income increases as the property you invest in appreciate. If you want need a sure way to own real estate properties in Nigeria, You can start investing with some companies for as low as N100,000.


These are affordable ways to own real estate properties. You do not need to be wealthy to begin investing. You can start small and increase your investment subsequently. Do you know you can start investing with as low as N1500? Talk to us today at Landshop to learn more.


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